Greenbelt station NV home 8月初可拎包入住,一年lease!

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近马里兰大学,仅需6分钟车程,有校车上下站点(UMCP 143)。
附近交通极其方便,可连I95, 495, 295,近Greenbelt Metro Station.
并且,采购生活用需品可步行大概15分钟或开车3分钟至Beltway Plaza Mall。
Mall有:美国银行,TJmaxx, Target, AMC, Planet Fitness,等等。
或 Google Map:beltwayplazamall
位置:Greenbelt Station Community, NV Home 全新装修豪华Townhome on Miner Street
房子:超过3,600sq. Ft, 共4层楼。 5卧/4.5浴. 宽敞,明亮,采光好. 大理石厨房和卫生间台面,公共区域为硬木地板,房间为地毯。


Near the University of Maryland, it takes only 6 minutes by car, and there is a bus stop (UMCP 143).
The traffic nearby is extremely convenient. It can be connected to I95, 495, 295 and near Greenbelt Metro Station.
The secluded and safe facilities in the small area are complete. Public facilities are managed by the property company. There is a free minibus to the subway station. There are WMATA sites nearby: G14, R12, C2.
In addition, you can purchase daily necessities in about 15 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by car to Beltway Plaza Mall.
Malls are: Bank of America, TJmaxx, Target, AMC, Planet Fitness, etc.
Detailed link:
Or Google Map: beltwayplazamall
Location: Greenbelt Station Community, NV Home Newly renovated luxury Townhome on Miner Street
House: Over 3,600sq. Ft, 4 floors in total. 5 bedrooms/4.5 baths. Spacious, bright and well-lit. Marble kitchen and bathroom countertops, hardwood floors in public areas and carpets in rooms.
Existing, 3 suite sources:
The 1st house, the first-floor single-guard furniture is fully furnished and can be checked in. 2nd bedroom on the 3rd floor, 1 master bedroom with bathrooms, 2 cloakroom, 4th floor with bedroom with independent bathroom and living room balcony. (The whole rent can be negotiated, and the price can be negotiated.)
The 2nd house, the first room of the third floor (only for girls), a master bedroom with a private bathroom 2 cloakroom. (hardcover)
The 3rd house, 5 bedroom 4.5 bathroom, Only furniture for living room and dinning room. You may need your own bedroom furniture. (The whole rent can be negotiated, and the price can be negotiated.)

Community house type floor plan stickers for various room types in the community-let everyone rent clearly and live clearly? from=singlemessage#latest.

If you are interested, please consult in detail. Please contact the following ways, need to note: rent

另,位于Bowie半地下室完全走出,区佳,出租Single House完整半地下室,3卧一个半卫。可供暑假短租长租且有车辆的同学参考。

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